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I noticed recently that Lennox did not seem to be satisfied with the amount of milk that she was receiving. I increased her serving size and it still did not seem to suffice. I decided that it was time to take the slow leap into incorporating solid foods into her diet. Her pediatrician gave us the green light to feed her rice cereal at her 4-month appointment. He recommended that we feed her with a baby spoon opposed to putting the cereal in the bottle. He informed us that eating off a spoon is a developmental accomplishment for a baby. It helps them learn to control their oral motor muscles. I tried to feed her rice cereal several times however; it was an epic fail and Lennox was not a fan at all. I decided to take a different approach and introduce her to fruit first and she loved it!!!

Feeding Lennox with a spoon for the first time was very fun, easy, and down right adorable with the Nuby Weaning Spoon. These spoons are a must-have item for feeding your little one. The long handle prevents food from making a mess and the bright, fun colors help with stimulating your baby’s senses. I’m cautious about introducing Lennox to different plastics but I didn’t have to worry about that since these are BPA free. The Nuby Weaning Spoons come in a set of 6 fun colors that I am sure your baby will enjoy as much as Lennox did.

I am always looking for fun and functional items to assist me with my everyday task for Lennox and these spoons were a hit for us. I would definitely recommend you give them a try. I can’t believe that our baby is already transitioning to solid foods. Before you know it she’s going to be able to feed herself. Can the time please slow down?!

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