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This past weekend was a world wind in the wonderful world of Lennox. It started on Friday, when her pediatrician confirmed what my husband and I suspected; our baby is teething! Her behavior over the past week makes so much sense now that we have confirmed that she is in fact teething. A few signs we noticed were her drooling more than normal, chewing on her fingers, and rubbing her eyes. Her mood has been a little shifty as well so I knew she wasn’t feeling like herself. Over the weekend I commenced teething duty. My good friends over at NUBY graciously sent us some teething products and they have been lifesavers!

I have always heard that a cold teething ring could be very soothing to the gums of a teething baby so I decided to whip out my NUBY Ice Gel Baby Teether Keys. I really like the easy grip design, which is ideal for little hands and helps with coordination. It took only a few minutes for Lennox to get the hang of holding her own teether and chewing on it at her leisure. The cool (pun intended) thing about this teether is the size and the shape. I like that it is small enough to fit in Lennox’s hand so there wasn’t much of a struggle for her to hold it. She actually prefers to wear it on her wrist like a bracelet lol.  It’s also nice that the entire teether is not the freeze pack material, so she has something to hold onto that wont be too cold on her hands.

We also tried out the NUBY Reversible Teething Bib with Dribble Catcher and Teething Corner. This bib is by far my favorite because it is a two-for-one deal for babies that are both drooling and teething. This soft absorbent cotton bib kept Lennox’s onsie dry. I especially loved how the triangle shape of the bib allowed her arms to move about freely. The secure and easy Velcro tabs were also super soft and didn’t snag her hair (she hates when that happens).  This bib features a teething corner, with multiple textured surfaces, to chew on as new teeth break through. This worked well for us, as Lennox liked to bring the teething corner to her mouth to lick and chew. These bibs are completely BPA Free and did I mention it reversible!!!.

Lennox has recently learned how to hold items in her hands for a short period of time. This allows her to play with some of her favorite little soft toys like the NUBY Blankie Pal. This extra soft plush teething toy mixes fun and function. The Blankie Pal comes in several different characters and features a variety of textures that kept Lennox entertained. She loved squeezing the blankie pal and hearing the crunch sound that the crinkle fabric made. This toy will definitely go in her diaper bag as her entertainment on the go!

I am so happy that we had our NUBY teething products to assist us. We will continue to use them during this teething journey. NUBY has a variety of great products for all of your baby’s needs.

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