I remember what seem to be many moons ago when my brain was a fully functioning organ. Those days are far behind me now! Have you ever heard of the term “Mom Brain” well I’m hear to tell you that it’s a real thing!

I noticed during my pregnancy that I had become very forgetful. Family and friends told me that it is normal for that to happen. I though surely once I had the baby that everything would go back to normal. Boy oh boy was I in for a rude awakening I have found that my pregnancy brain has now transitioned into full-blown mom brain. I find myself confused a lot nowadays and I forget on a regular basis. I can’t never remember what day or time it is. I’m surprised that I even remember my name lol.

For those of you who may not know exactly what mom brain is, let me give an idea. It’s any one or combination of the items listed below…….

1. You have to stop talking in the middle of your conversations because you forgot what you were saying in the first place.

2. You can never remember what day, time, or planet you live on.

3. Your go to description for everything is “what you call it”

4. You lose your keys when they are actually in your pocket.

5. You type a response to a text message and forget to send it.

6. You pump without putting the bottles on the pump.

7. You forget the clothes in the washing machine.

8. You forget what you had for breakfast that morning (that is if you even had a chance to eat breakfast that morning).

9. You ask your husband/significant other the same question 50 times.

10. You put the baby’s clothes on backwards.

If you can relate to any of the symptoms above then you probably have a case of mom brain. I heard a rumor that it never really goes away completely. Thanks goodness I don’t believe in rumors lol