Yesterday I had a little moment… I thought about all of the things that I planned for the day that did not get completed and I felt so unproductive. Some days I am on top of it, and I get so much done. Other days things don’t go as planned, and my to-do list is a complete flop.

I have to admit at times I am guilty of getting a little overly ambitious with my to-do list goals for the day. I end up putting myself in “in a perfect world scenarios”. There is only one problem with these “in a perfect world” scenarios… #Momlife is NOT perfect in any way, shape, or form (insert sigh). There are going to be days where I can’t get stuff done because I’m needed for comfort and love and I am okay with that.

I am learning not to only measure my day by tasks completed because there is no measurement for motherly duties, they are a labor of love. I saw a picture of Lennox smiling yesterday and it put everything into perspective. I don’t want to miss these small moments because I am too caught up in scratching items off of my to-do list. At the end of the day I will not remember the dishes that didn’t get done or that load of laundry that I didn’t fold. I will however remember her first smile, her first belly laugh, and how she looks at her fingers and toes now that she’s discovered them. I will remember the way I look at her while she is sleeping, and the way she looks at me while she is awake. These are the things that are most important right now and something as small as a picture reminded me of that. So now when I think about it I have actually been overly productive with enjoying my perfectly imperfect life.